Political & Opinion Polling

Whatever the size or scope of the challenges facing your organization, Dan Jones & Associates offers deep expertise to get you the specialized and personalized data you need to tackle any challenge.

Dan Jones & Associates is a full-service, public opinion and market research company providing both qualitative and quantitative research. More than 30 years of experience, skilled professionals, and advanced technology enable us to achieve an in-depth understanding of behaviors and opinions. To suit your specific needs, we offer a variety of research methodologies to ensure you are getting the answers you need.


Targeted, accurate polling is essential to succeeding in the arena of public opinion. DJA has years of experience designing national and locally-targeted opinion polls, and we gather quantitative and qualitative data through a variety of methods. Benchmarking, tracking, and message testing are also within the cadre of DJA expertise.

Telephone Surveys

Our telephone surveys are conducted using state-of- the-art computer-aided- telephone- interview (CATI) programming which improves performance and quality in market research data collection. In addition to being meticulously trained, our interviewers are consistently monitored to ensure study validity and reliability.

Live Intercepts

We have years of experience in the design and administration of exit interviews and field research projects—catching respondents while an experience is fresh in their minds.

Executive/In-depth Interviews

Our seasoned professionals conduct in-depth interviews to help you understand complex marketing, product, and competitor issues. This is a cost effective approach for gaining perspectives from supervisors to CEOs.


Based on a scientific sample plan, we handle all types of face-to- face interviews. This methodology is beneficial in situations where detailed information from customers or users of competing products or services is needed.

Online Surveys (CAWI)

Our research team is skilled at the design, programming, and analysis of online surveys. We host our own surveys using professional market research software, ensuring that our clients get the most out of the unique research opportunities available through the Internet.

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