Focus Groups

Qualitative research utilizing focus groups reveals what is at the heart of market behavior and motivation. Dan Jones & Associates offers deep expertise to expose powerful insight to fuel company strategy.

With our experienced, certified moderators, top-notch recruiters, high show rate, expansive viewing area, videotaping and recording capabilities, and great location, we conduct focus groups that get to the heart of what matters– information! Facility rentals are also available.

Our Facility

Our three focus group facilities include oversized observation rooms that comfortably accommodate up to 25 clients. We work to make you comfortable by offering elevated viewing, theater lighting, and various seating options including: a leather sectional sofa, casual eating areas, and generous working spaces next to a large, wrap-around, one-way glass mirror.

Types of work

Our full-service focus group services include on-staff QRCA-and PRC-certified moderators, digital videotaping, and dual audio recordings. In addition, we excel at the ability to provide fresh, qualified and articulate respondents through our in-house recruiting which has a proven history of exceptional show rates. FocusVision™ is available upon request.

Our Moderators

Our moderators are market research professionals trained in conducting, managing and analyzing focus group sessions, leading participants through a pre-designed discussion guide by stimulating participation and facilitating insightful discussion. Our moderators are well- trained and experienced in creating open and candid atmospheres where focus group participants feel free to share their thoughts openly and unbiased, releasing a wealth a valuable data for our clients.

Though our moderators run focus groups mostly in Salt Lake City, they are available to travel to moderate focus groups in other cities.


We perform recruiting in-house so you don’t have to. Dan Jones & Associates has a large cache of engaged focus group participants and performs special recruits for difficult-to- reach populations.

When looking at national demographics, Salt Lake City is a perfect location to recruit certain populations, including full-time mothers, outdoor enthusiasts (e.g. skiers, snowboarders, outdoor survivalists, mountain bikers), young university students. From an industry standpoint, Salt Lake City has a strong representation in the technology and startup realms.

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