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Voice your opinion! We want to know how you feel about community issues, services, products-- things that affect your life everyday. Elected officials, merchants, service providers, and a variety of others truly value your perspective. That's what market research is all about!. This is a fun and exciting experience that has a direct impact.

How We Use Your Information

By joining our list of potential participants, we may contact you when your demographic information (age, gender, area, etc.) matches those required for a particular project. You may be asked to participate in focus groups, previews, panels, or telephone research. You are under no obligation to participate. We never try to sell you anything, EVER.

Focus Groups

Guided by a professional moderator, 8 to 10 people participate in a discussion about specific products, services, or issues. Typical discussions last about two hours. Participants may be compensated for their time. Learn More


Be heard! A few times a year, participants may be contacted by telephone, mail, or online. Participation in a specific survey is always voluntary. Most surveys last about 10 minutes and can be on a wide variety of topics. Learn More

You may choose to withdraw your name and information at any time. Participation in survey or focus group research is totally voluntary. Click here to opt out.

Privacy Policy

Your information will be kept confidential and will NEVER be sold or used for any other purpose. Please click here for our detailed privacy policy.

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Please fill out the information below to be considered as a research participant. You must be a Utah resident and at least 18 years of age. By submitting the below information, you authorize Dan Jones & Associates to contact you to participate in research studies. This is a secure-entry form.

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