Survey & Market Research

Dan Jones & Associates offers deep expertise in a variety of surveying and interviewing approaches and strategy to get you the specialized and personalized data you need to tackle any challenge.

Public Opinion Polling

For decades, Dan Jones & Associates has been Utah’s premier public opinion polling firm, keeping a finger on the pulse of public sentiment and political

Focus Groups

With state of the art facilities and top-notch facilitators, Dan Jones & Associates reveals what is at the heart of market behavior and motivation to fuel company strategy.

Cicero Social Impact: Interview with Chris Conard of PlayWorks Utah

March 29, 2016| Jacob Allen
This post is the first in an ongoing series highlighting high-impact leaders who combine effective strategy, thoughtful measurement and evaluation, and continuous…
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Finding Growth Through Big Data

March 10, 2016| Randy Shumway
If you’re just getting up to speed on big data and wondering how it can make a difference for your…
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Meet Kattie Dewald, Education Direction Improvement Coach

March 25, 2016| Randy Shumway
Note: Over the next months I'll be posting interviews with a number of key members of the Cicero team here…
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Our roots are in data,
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Cicero Group is a premier data-driven strategy consulting firm. We integrate inductive problem solving and rigorous data analytics to develop and implement strategies that transform our clients’ businesses.

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